Holiness Is So Much Greater Than Happiness

With the same intensity this boy plays, he does everything!

Me: Coen, are you playing with your army man?
Coen: No, he not army man— he leg, feet, hands and head man, Cocoooo!!!
Me: Realizing he’s playing with a “LEGO man”. I had to stop what I was doing and sit down with him because I was smiling with intensity and totally enjoying this moment in our lives together!

Kids are priceless- relationships are priceless- time is the only thing we spend that we can never earn back. THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP WE WILL EVER HAVE IS THE ONE WE SHARE WITH GOD, because Our relationship with JESUS CHRIST (The only begotten Son of God) determines whether we spend eternity with Him in Heaven (His home) or if we reject Him & decide to be a loner. Get this straight: GOD WILL NEVER REJECT A BROKEN AND CONTRITE HEART TOWARDS HIM, but a prideful independent person will reject God and His people.

I’m so grateful that God has chosen to allow me to spend my time with my children and grandchildren. I don’t wanna’ waste a minute of it on useless fluff, I’m glad I get to interact with these babies. Children demand our attention and that’s a good thing (for the whole world).

Kids see things differently than adults. When I first began homeschooling my kids I talked to their pediatrician about our decision to homeschool (just “small talk” at a regular checkup). One of the best things I ever learned was this gem of advice from Dr. Jose, “Always speak proper English to your children and do not talk down to them like they are babies who don’t understand, because with every life experience you can be teaching them – they’re always learning something!”

This morning that conversation popped up in my memory. It just got me thinking about something my mentor Graham Cooke has taught me recently: he calls it “Relational Learning” and basically it’s the same exact concept. Holy Spirit is EVER PRESENT in our lives when we ask Jesus into our hearts. We are God’s children and every single life experience is something we react to either as a learning/growing experience that draws us nearer to God or it becomes something we react to with negativity, rejecting the opportunity to learn and grow. Wow 😳— read that again and allow yourself to ruminate on it.

I guess I’m different than anyone else I’ve ever met based on the sum of my life experiences and so are you! The fact that our willingness to grow and learn something new every day or reject the life lesson that can make us HOLY (instead of just happy) is priceless! Don’t waste the lesson!

Holiness is GREATER THAN happiness – it’s not the other way around!

Maybe the world is as messed up as it is because people waste time on the shallow, superficial, plastic stuff. Does anyone want to be Holy anymore? YES, I do!

Earning the almighty dollar is a necessary part of life, but when that takes over and destroys the precious time we have with each other earning money can turn into something evil. It is filler. Fluff. We live in a cotton candy world that will one day dissolve in water! I guess what I’m saying is this: life is short, don’t waste it.

Are your life experiences drawing you nearer to God (LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, FAITHFULNESS AND SELF CONTROL) or are they causing you to reject God? You get to decide for yourself- it’s called FREEDOM!

I’m 53 years old this year and I’ve finally learned that I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING, but I’m willing to learn. My beliefs have the potential to be world changing – and so do yours- we ALL influence the world around us in either a positive or a negative way! I am a curious child of God. Holy Spirit is my teacher and He allows the lessons that will make me Holy, I am a willing and very excited participant in this teacher/student relationship. And I am so grateful for the lessons, even when they’re intense.


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