I’m a fixer upper + A Work In Progress

I confess – I’m often a mess! Have you ever started a project and realized that you didn’t think about the messy middle part? I think we can all safely assume that if we are breathing we are somewhere in the messy middle part of eternity. Life’s not perfect, no matter how good your instagram story looks or how big your bank account is. You can have the cleanest and most organized house on the planet, but honey we are all God’s work in progress. I’m not ashamed of my messy life (and if you are walking WITH GOD you don’t need to be either) because I know God isn’t finished with any of us yet – actually He never will be! I can only speak for myself, but I know I’m His for eternity and He is intimately involved in taking me apart and putting me back together again – some days the taking me apart process is way messier than others. Some days my life looks like this Bible – completely torn apart.

So what am I supposed to do when my VERY WELL LOVED BIBLE begins to fall apart? First, I PRAY! This thing may not be easy, or quick but I chose to do the tedious work. I dove in headfirst, I had to tear some things off before I fixed her up so that she could be functional and useful. I will keep her as long as I live, at least I’m gonna’ try!😳🤯😱

I asked GOD for wisdom because y’all seeing my favorite Bible at what appeared to be the point of no return, I got discouraged. I could not even fathom just tossing this old girl out and getting a new one… there is still so much life in this Bible! Don’t let me fool you, I have a thing about buying new Bibles (it’s one of my favorite things to buy – actually). There is simply nothing I’d rather spend my money or my time on… but this lil’ dog eared mama here… SHE IS AMAZING, And she’s taught me so much… this one is making me who I am: RECOVERED, RENEWED & REVIVED (can I take a moment to brag on this Bible?) I want you to know that God used the words and notes in this Bible and He helped me through some very confusing things in my life. I learned how to put the “fun” in dysFUNctional, until I became functional again and useful for God’s kingdom. Guess you could say my Bible and I are both becoming colorful and cute TOGETHER! LOL 🥰🤣🤓😎

Yes, I am committed to this one… the notes and the journaling that have given me the revelations of who GOD IS, who JESUS is ~ who I am because of JESUS UNRELENTING LOVE FOR ME! You see, when I am rough around the edges and falling apart HE DOES NOT LEAVE ME TO GO FIND ANOTHER, NOPE… HE PERFORMS SURGERY ON MY SOUL! He gently and meticulously works on me until I am not only functional again, but GOD… OH, GOD… HE makes me delightful! To be honest I’m nothing without His Spirit living on the inside of me. How can I even imagine this #TRUTH? I didn’t imagine it, I read it in the Bible. It’s a living book planted in the good soil of my heart. I’m ready for transformation- I’m ready for it daily!

When I read that Jesus describes me as the salt of the earth and He tells me that I am the light of the world I confess y’all – I have a hard time accepting that because of what I know about me. But if the Bible calls me salty and lit – by golly I am fo’ sho’ taking that into my spirit! 🤪🤩🥳😇🥰😘😎😍.

HE calls me BEAUTIFUL! HE RESTORES MY SOUL! Yes, I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and I did it with goosebumps (my flesh was afraid) but my FAITH IN HIM NEVER WOBBLED OR FAILED! I am who I am because of JESUS. “In the beginning was THE WORD, and THE WORD WAS GOD and THE WORD was with God…” Reading and meditating on THE WORD OF GOD is sacred. I am a word nerd and I am NOT ASHAMED of THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST because JESUS made me in right relationship to GOD THE FATHER… without JESUS I am just a wannabe… a shallow, plastic pitiful version of the girl I KNOW HE CREATED ME TO BE! I don’t want to be a wannabe’ I want to be the real deal… Holy – but only because HE tells me to be. This isn’t some fantasy story or a competition. We, God’s children, are loved. We are not neglected or used up and worn out then thrown away. I am committed to reading GOD’s WORD and letting it transform me… how about you?

“I’ll take my cold cold heart, I’ll take my I un-renewed mind, I’ll take YOUR WORD in my hand and then I’ll give you time to come and MELT ME.” Those lyrics from Misty Edwards are playing in the background right now as I renovate my Life Recovery Bible… how perfect!

Here lies the evidence of a heart that is alive!

I have asked HOLY SPIRIT to come fan the flame and do what only HE can do… BREATHE LIFE INTO OUR RELATIONSHIP! This spiritual growth and the spiritual fruits of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, GENTLENESS, FAITHFULNESS AND SELF CONTROL are evidence of the HOLY SPIRIT living in me, making those necessary changes in me, so that I can live… really live y’all, not just exist! This is evidence of C.P.R. (Christ’s Personal Resuscitation) of my soul! #ichooseLOVE

#uhOhWhatHaveiDone #whatHaveIGottenMyselfInto #HelpMeJesus #WordNerd #HappyBible #DiscBoundBible


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