God of the arrow ✝️

My Bible – this is how my spirit stays Fat and Sassy🥳🤩💝

This is my daily BREAD, The Word of God.

By persisting in divisiveness the rebels cut themselves off from God!😳

I used to be a rebel, and I was pretty proud of myself for it 😔 what a waste of precious time.

The GOD OF THE ARROW shoots and HE ALONE has pierced the bullseye of my heart✝️. Has He pierced yours? HE CAN PIERCE ANY HEART HE CHOOSES, and I am humbled that HE CHOSE MINE- I hope you’ve been humbled by HIM too?

Let me begin with this assurance: if you WANT TO call yourself a “Christian” then JESUS CHRIST CHOSE to pierce YOUR heart with His #Truth and LOVE because NO ONE comes to THE FATHER GOD but those who are FIRST LOVED and CALLED by JESUS. 🥳

Cool, let’s get this party started y’all 🥳✝️✅💝 because there are no “wannabe” Christians, am I right – or are there? I’m going to be honest, there are a lot of anorexic and bulimic Christians out there, I know because I used to be one.

I’m not sure honestly how to explain this by myself so I pray for THE HOLY SPIRIT will intervene here – I’m not proud and I’m NOT GOING TO POINT MY FINGER AND ACCUSE ANYONE – it is possible I’m likely to over share here but I used to call myself a Christian ✝️ and I was lying 🤥. Y’all – I was deceived and truth be told – I did that to myself 😳😔. I wanted to be amongst “The Chosen” so badly I thought, “I can just fake it ‘til I make it!” Seriously, I put on that mask 😷 (before masks were mandatory) of “I’m fine, everything’s fine – no really, really – I’m okay, I’m good,” but I wasn’t even close!

I mean I wouldn’t have ever realized that that’s what I was doing unless HOLY SPIRIT had intervened and revealed my own twisted beliefs. I thought by going to church and reading my Bible – and saying the prayer of salvation and getting baptized I was going to make it. I even did those last two things several times, you know just to be on the safe side. While those are all steps into Christianity it’s like saying marriage is planning the wedding and saying the vows. There’s a whole lot more to relationship than just saying you don’t want to be alone or you don’t want to go to hell. Let me make myself clear here, you CANNOT EARN your SALVATION – the Bible tells us (get this) – SALVATION IS FREE – ya’ just can’t earn it – so why do we wear ourselves out or simply give up trying?

I guess I just settled it in my head that it was that simple – I said the prayer & told myself, “hey I’ve got a good heart, I’m a good person!” But the Bible says there’s none that are “good” 🙊 what the… how good is good? These bipolar fluctuations between the idea of “my works” and “the gift of salvation” left me exhausted 😩.


So, it’s settled – you’ve been CALLED, but now there’s the next step —-> being CHOSEN! If you were GOD, would you choose you? I mean based on your goodness compared to HIS😳 yeah, there’s no comparison 😔.

I’m going to have to tell y’all this with my FAITH ON HIGH ALERT: (because I don’t FULLY understand this part yet) but THE BIBLE SAYS, “Many are CALLED but FEW ARE CHOSEN!” Wait, whut😳🙊? Yep, it’s true – I read it in Matthew 22:14 and get this y’all THAT’S JESUS doing the TALKING! So do I need to go back to work? Working hard? I don’t think so, Jesus also said, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Whew, that’s my life verse right there y’all, straight outta the heart and mouth of GOD! Oh my 🥰 I GET TO REST ✝️ yes, please -that sounds so good to me. I just want to rest IN JESUS. So that’s where I’m going to put my bookmark and close my Bible right now. I WILL REST IN JESUS LOVE. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Are you humbled by the fact that you are called and invited to sit at God’s table? To sit at JESUS’ feet and be taught by GOD HIMSELF through the unction of HIS HOLY SPIRIT and HIS WORD? Are you being TRANSFORMED BY His Word? That’s like being actually married and choosing to be faithful to your beloved every day of your life – because of LOVE you want to spend time with that person and lay your life down for them. Jesus wasn’t a fan of religion- if you don’t believe me google it! Read in your Bible how He responded to religious people.

If you’re reading HIS LOVE LETTER daily (The Bible) which was written through the hand of many of His best and brightest you will learn more about the nature of GOD. For instance in Galatians 5:22 & 23 THE WORD explains the fruit of THE SPIRIT OF GOD. Take it, eat of it & SAVOR IT – let God’s Word nourish you and TRANSFORM YOU INTO HIS BEAUTIFUL, BOUNTIFUL GARDEN. Invite HIM INTO THE SANCTUARY OF YOUR HEART TO TAKE A PEEK AT ALL THE INTIMATE THOUGHTS AND DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE and ask Him SINCERELY to help you live AND LOVE like JESUS The MESSIAH.

Then GO & TELL THE OTHERS – they’re so hungry. Encourage people to PRAYERFULLY read the Bible because there are many who are malnourished and starving themselves to death.


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