I’m going to say it- WE ALL WALK ON IN OUR OWN PERSONAL SIN with our eyes and ears closed to GOD (if that’s not #Truth challenge me!) until WE HUMBLE OURSELVES TO HIM AND ASK FOR HIS HELP! The Bible PROMISE is that a humbled person GOD WILL NOT REJECT, but the proud are their own WORST ENEMY!

When GOD chooses to reveal a thing of sin in us it is up to us to REJECT THE SIN AND CHOOSE GOD!

But we like our sin, because WE DON’T CALL IT SIN! We have traded the #Truth for our own lies! We traded what’s proper for what is comfortable or what we might even believe is truth but it’s often our wrong thought (ambition) or the way we’ve always done it (tradition) that leads us to our bad habit (addiction).

Are we all just the blind leading the blind? Who is going to stop this crazy train and dig deep enough down to the bedrock of #TRUTH? GOD IS TRUTH & EVERYTHING ELSE IS A LIE! If you know Mr. Truth, He will set you free, but if you reject Him (for your own ways and choose to stay poor, blind & naked) then you cannot blame Him when your life tumbles in and you’re broken. Without the glue of JESUS THE MESSIAH we cannot and WILL NOT be or stay connected to God. Humble yourself to God’s LOVE, get on your knees and pray. Read your Bible. TODAY (right now) is the moment of salvation- we never know what the next moment will bring. Humble yourself to God not in fear but because you are loved by Him.

There, I said it – You’ve been warned!


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