Spend time wisely

Using my time – W I S E L Y

When I was in elementary school my teachers would often leave this recurring comment on my report card, “Shawn does NOT use her time wisely!” But here I am every morning KILLIN’ it like I’m GOD’S star student, teacher’s pet! I have proved them wrong! I don’t really care what people say or think about me, as long as GOD THINKS I AM TO DIE FOR (and He does). I’m important to MY CREATOR AND SO ARE YOU.


I don’t know how He treats you, but HE treats me like I’m HIS PRINCESS even when HE’s got a lesson I find difficult to understand – the first time around – GOD’s patience with me is incredibly merciful. Yeah, let’s just say I’m not naturally HOLY or righteous- I’m so grateful that JESUS did all the really hard lessons for me and they’re all chronicled in the Bible; that’s why I want to read it daily. Reading my Bible is no longer a chore for me to get done, like laundry or making my bed. But I’ll be honest, I used to feel like it was a task. I didn’t enjoy it, and truth be told that very thought made me feel broken. It sometimes even felt so overwhelming and I didn’t know if I was “doing it right”. Well guess what, those were NOT kingdom thoughts! Instead of wallowing in the negativity of all the judgement I was putting on myself, I humbled myself and prayed.

My simple prayer went something like this, “God, I want to WANT to read, study and understand what YOU want to teach me. I don’t understand the King James Version of Your Words, but I guess you already know that. JESUS HELP! I want a relationship with YOU. Actually- I’m DESPERATELY SEEKING TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! Relationships require communication and since I’ve never actually heard your audible voice- I’m guessing You’d like me to read the stuff You already wrote. So, I want to read what you have to say to me through YOUR WORD, but I want to also understand what you are saying to me personally through it.” And that childlike prayer was the beginning of the most incredible relationship I’ve ever known. I got myself a children’s Bible, then a youth version (it was actually in the form of a teenage girl’s magazine) and then a Life Application Study Bible, then a Life Recovery Study Bible (I spent many years reading that one). Then I bought a Daily Walk Bible and committed to reading through it in one year. It was awesome! Coincidentally that was the year I won a Z4 BMW on a Carnival Cruise Ship. I’m not saying that was related to the fact that I was reading the Bible daily, but I’m also not saying it wasn’t 😂.

Today I have many different versions of the Bible and I read every chance I can get. I’m just trying to follow in Jesus footsteps and when I fail God and sin— (which by my track record has been ridiculously often) even when I fail more than once— there’s grace.

That is #TRUTH we can’t earn it, salvation is a gift. We are NOT saved because we read and understand the Bible. We don’t deserve salvation or grace and we won’t lose it because we screw up here and there. But if and when we reject GOD and choose the world, we are making the choice to give up our peace – lose our joy – and we are setting ourselves up for misery and stress.

Can I offer you some free advice? Talk to God— do it often like He’s your best friend. Keep some time set aside RESERVED FOR GOD and READ HIS WORD – the Bible. The Bible is a living document- I don’t think my explanation of that would even do it justice so let me just challenge you to figure out what I meant by that last statement. But it’s true! Start with a chapter of Proverbs or pick a Psalm and make the commitment to God that you’re wanting to read it daily (I mean- if that is in fact what you want). Do it and watch how HE loves on you through His Word. It’s awesome 😎.


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