So my book (the one I finished writing in November and am currently editing) is a modern day retelling of Gomer’s story. Gomer is the woman in the book of Hosea the one God told the prophet Hosea to marry and to LOVE. She was a “woman of many men” I’ll just leave it at that. The book of Hosea (found near the end of the Old Testament) is also the story of how Israel wandered away from God just about every chance she got and how God got so angry He just about gave up on His people (again)! But guess what He did instead? He chose to give up on His anger! 😳

He chose to give each one of us a choice to return to Him. He didn’t have to do that you know – HE’s GOD! He could simply obliterate us and make a better version on the spot, the second we didn’t do exactly what he wanted – KA~BA’AM 💥🥴😵 DONE.


THAT MAY BE THE WORLD’S WAY OF HAVING RELATIONSHIPS but that’s NOT the way God does it – GOD TRULY LOVES WITH EVERYTHING HE’S GOT! Nothing missing, nothing broken.

Think about it- if God just killed us off instantly because we annoyed Him or we didn’t do things His way -JOHNNY ON THE SPOT- that’d be kinda’ mean wouldn’t it? I mean would you even want to have a relationship with someone that was like, “You’ll DO IT MY WAY AND YOU’LL LIKE IT! Now KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and pretend you’re happy!” Umm… no thank you! Honestly, I have been given the ultimate ultimatum of “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” several times in my life and to be honest I chose the highway every — single— time! Now I realize that says a lot about me and my personality, but God actually loves me – like enough to DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH for me- and all I could do for the first 20 something years of my life was chase a buzz 🐝 – hmm… my actual nickname is “Shawnie Bee”! I just wanted to enjoy my life on my terms – party hearty. I didn’t put much thought into the spiritual repercussions of my choices- silly me! Actually the Bible accurately defined my behavior as “Foolish”.

BUT GOD ——> y’all, even though I wasn’t as sweet and innocent as I appeared to be GOD CHASED ME DOWN AND LOVED ME ALL THE WAY BACK HOME TO HIM!!! Stop and think about that, that’s God’s true nature- that’s LOVE!

I mean- I was going to church and confessing to be a Christian and all that 🙄🤫but I kept a lot of secrets – I didn’t really change my inner thoughts or repent and turn away from them even though I believed I was a Christian- let’s just say I was NOT repentant even though I was redeemed. I DID NOT REALLY UNDERSTAND REPENTANCE, ACTUALLY. I’ll be honest I’m still working out my REPENTANCE with fear and trembling, because I was certainly able to deceive many people -BUT NOT GOD – SO HE PATIENTLY AND LOVINGLY LEFT THE WHOLE HERD TO COME LOOKING FOR ME BECAUSE I WANDERED OFF. (More than once).

If God gave up on me (every time I screwed up royally) and decided to make a better version I’d just be a cheap plastic version of myself instead of something incredibly priceless, beautiful and awesome 😎. Guess what? This ain’t about me- YOU ARE ALSO PRECIOUS TO HIM UNLESS YOU DECIDE TO REJECT HIM!

GOD GETS ANGRY – at sin! Not gonna lie or sugar coat this: There are ABSOLUTELY THINGS HE WILL NOT LET ME (or you) GET AWAY WITH (for our own good and for the good of THE FAMILY). Some stuff we simply WILL NOT bring into eternity with Him. The sin is DEFINITELY GOING TO BE AN ISSUE so if you need a refresher course on what exactly sin is—- go read your Bible, I don’t need to rehash it right here in this post. God’s rules are for our own good! He’s not angry with us when we break His laws anymore than a police officer would get angry with us because he’s got to write us a speeding ticket when we don’t obey the rules… oh wait… that actually does happen and that’s considered a bad cop!

God’s not our angry authority – BUT HE is OUR AUTHORITY -like it or not – just like Donald J. Trump is your president if you live in the USA.

I REPEAT – GOD IS NOT ANGRY WITH HIS PEOPLE- at least that’s not how the Bible describes the nature of God – not in the book of Hosea anyway!

If you’ve EVER been in a relationship you might understand how EASY it is to get so angry with a person that you just want to turn your back on them and walk (OR RUN) away! Each human being alive today has this same exact choice LOVE GOD OR REJECT HIM.
🌈R I G H T * N O W🌈


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