My offering…

I’m writing a book. I started writing it on September 11, 2019. I remember the day clearly because September 11 has become somewhat of a memorable day- not only for the events that rocked our nation in 2001 but also for the local events in 2017. Hurricane Irma brought flooding into our town which was declared a national disaster area but that’s another story for another day. I’m telling you about my experience with writing a novel because for me it’s kinda’ huge, like a hurricane or a national tragedy it’s something that is completely changing the way I experience my daily life.

Morning thoughts: What if I found out that writing this book (with all the personal cost to me) is for my eyes only? Will I continue to write it? What if writing this book never feeds a hungry soul, never ministers to anyone but me? Will I continue? What if the lessons are for my life only will I learn them? Yes, I’m going to finish writing this book: CHASING LIGHT – because I am a writer; I am committed to finish what I start regardless of the cost or the RETURN ON INVESTMENT. I’m not writing for fame or fortune or to teach anyone anything! I’m not writing to impress people. I AM COMMITTED TO WRITING THIS BOOK FOR THE GLORY OF GOD— but does HE need me to do that – write for His Glory? ABSOLUTELY NOT – it is my offering- my drawing to THE ONE I LOVE from my kindergarten class done with all the chubby easy to hold crayon scribblings – it is my clumsy attempt to dance in His presence – my song belted out off key & maybe just a little bit too loud. It is my alabaster box – my tiny offering – my minuscule gift to Him offered up in GREAT love. I know that I am accepted.

Why then should I even mention the fact that I’m writing a book to another breathing soul? To encourage – maybe you – to do what you can, where you are, with what you’ve got. To polish what might be tarnished. To shine the light inside of you. Even if you are just starting out (or even starting over – AGAIN) be encouraged where you are right now. We are each precious to OUR FATHER right where we are – at this very moment.

If no one else reads it – sees it – hears it – use your gifts and talents anyway, do it (whatever “it” is for you) because that’s what GOD created you to do. Ask JESUS to get you suited up and put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD and while you’re sharpening your sword ⚔️ don’t despise your humble or small beginnings. The battle has begun and you mustn’t forget that you are a warrior!

Why does it matter – why do I matter? I cannot answer that for you -I cannot even it for myself. Maybe only God knows why He created us for such a time as this. If you don’t know what He created you for then ask Him. Trust Him. (Because trusting Him is enough). Begin where you are, use what you have, stay connected to The Vine and be amazed by what He is cultivating in you. I know He is reading my heart and I believe it is bringing Him joy. I am accepted and so are you. That is why I’m writing this book. #ThePenIsMightierThanTheSword


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